Dustin Robertson is a fashion film director with 20+ years of epic editorial credits that support his high concept, high gloss storytelling, and fuel an ongoing portfolio of standout work within the alluring world of fashion and pop music iconography. 

Dustin began his career fresh out of CalArts, directing music videos for MTV at the age of twenty. His signature, choreographed editorial style kept the attention of Jennifer Lopez, who recruited him as her personal editor throughout the entire first act of her success as a musical artist.  

Dustin’s work with Jennifer Lopez birthed AVIDDIVA; AVID + DIVA = BIG $$$ CLIENTS Madonna, Mariah Carey, Kim & Kanye, Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, Tom Ford, Balmain, and Phillip Plein to name only a select few from an illustrious list of credits of who’s who on planet Earth, infusing the biggest fashion brands and artists in the world with his rhythmic and hypnotic trademark style. 

Matthew Rolston, David LaChapelle, Jean-Baptise Mondino, Steven Klein, Nick Knight, Mert + Marcus… more of a pedigree than just a resume… a stellar array of the top fashion photographers who have all been repeat clients of Dustin’s over the years - some over a decade - who trust his taste level and keen photographic eye to reflect their best work.

Dustin has directed spots for Geffen records, American Recordings, Capitol Records and Madonna (Boy Toy Inc).  He’s guided re-branding for both GAP and Swarovski, among many other commercial clients. 

Dustin’s primary focus and intention is to bring his vast editorial knowledge and the intensity of his conceptual storytelling together to create slick, provocative visuals for high end brands who lust to make a huge impact.